Cotton Yarn :
       Manufacturers & Exporters of 100% Cotton Ring Spun Yarn.
Brand new most modern equipment.
Certified ISO 9001:2000.
Located just 90 kms from Mumbai and only 50 kms from the Port.
Employing highly trained technical experts in all aspects of yarn spinning.
Captive power generation.
Production capacity of 1000 kg/hr.
On 61,100 Spindles (approx.) in count range. From NE 20 to NE 40, Carded & Combed.
Multi Product Industrial House.
Government of India Recognized Trading House.
Employing Over 1500 Trained Workmen and Qualified Technicians.
Almost 100% of the Company's production is exported to about 60 Countries world wide.
Blow-Room to Ring Frames: Rieter, Switzerland.
Auto Coner / Automatic Winders: Muruta, Japan with Loepfe Siro Cleaners.
Yarn Conditioning: Xorella, Switzerland.
Testing and Quality Control: Zellweger Uster, Switzerland.
Air Conditioning: Luwa, Switzerland.
Captive Power Plant : Wartsila.